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Shark Alliance Newsletters
European Shark Week newsletter provides an overview of the latest news about European shark fishing policy, our activities to strengthen it and the latest scientific developments and research. Sign up to receive our next newsletter. Read recent newsletters below.

Newsletter No. 11: Shark Conservation in the EU gets a Boost
December 2011

In November, European Shark Week welcomed the long-awaited proposal from the European Commission for closing the loopholes in the European Union (EU)’s ban on shark finning.

Newsletter No. 10: Study Calls for EU Ban on Removing Shark Fins at Sea 
December 2010

Shark fisheries experts find that to strengthen the European Union’s ban on shark finning, EU fishermen should no longer be permitted to remove shark fins on board ships and that loopholes in EU regulations make it possible for fishermen to fin an estimated two out of every three sharks without detection or punishment.

Newsletter No. 9: Save bigeye thresher, little shark conservation at ICCAT
May 2010

The 21st Regular Meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) was held in Recife, Brazil from 6-15 November 2009. The ten-day meeting concluded with one measure adopted for the conservation of sharks. While this measure banned retention and landing of any bigeye thresher sharks, a catch exemption of 110 threshers was given to Mexico.

Newsletter No. 8: Shark Alliance goes global
October 2009

For the last three years, European Shark Week has successfully campaigned to improve the European Union’s management of shark fisheries.  While there is still work to do to strengthen the EU shark finning regulation (see below), we met our primary objective of adoption of a solid European Community Plan of Action (CPOA) for the Sharks earlier this year.  The dedicated and diverse Shark Alliance coalition that helped realize this important goal has grown from five to 75 groups from not only the EU, but around the world.  

Newsletter No. 7: EU Plan of Action for the Conservation of Sharks released
April 2009
On 4 February 2009 European Shark Week celebrated the release of the European Commission’s long-awaited Plan of Action for the Conservation of Sharks. The Plan sets the stage for sweeping improvements in European Union (EU) shark fishing and protection policies, by aiming to improve information about shark fisheries, end shark overfishing, pay special attention to threatened shark species, and close loopholes in the EU ban on shark finning.

September 2008
European Shark Week is delighted to announce that the second annual European Shark Week will take place from 11 - 19 October 2008. Across Europe, aquariums, dive groups and conservation organisations will be hosting numerous events, including presentations, participatory activities and competitions.This year is truly pivotal for European shark policy. Now is your chance to show your support for shark conservation and help advance real change.      

Newsletter No. 5: Positive Developments in 2008 not a moment too soon 
July 2008
Since our last newsletter there have been a number of positive developments both in the EU and further afield: most recently, the EU Commission and Member States agreed to champion proposals from Belgium and the Netherlands to list spiny dogfish and porbeagle sharks under the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) at the Conference of the CMS Parties in December.  

Newsletter No. 4: Hope on the horizon in 2008
February 2008
This newsletter covers the consultation document for a Community Plan of Action for Sharks released by the European Commission in December 2009 and welcomed by the Shark Alliance as "a solid blueprint for meaningful, corrective action", and includes a news round-up from the end of 2007.

October 2007
8-14 October is European Shark Week and Shark Alliance members are involved in a range of activities to highlight the need for improved shark conservation in Europe - from sleep-overs with sharks at Spanish aquariums to drawing competitions and photo exhibtions. European Shark Week comes after more species of sharks and closely related species were added to the latest IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in September and the Portuguese Secretary of State for the environment minister recognised the need for sustainability in fisheries in a statement to a Shark Alliance event in Lisbon.

June 2007
Since the first newsletter, European Shark Week gained new members, lobbied to support proposals for the listing of shark species on CITES, and highlighted a new report calling for the landing of sharks with fins attached. Find out more about these developments, and the latest activities of Shark Alliance members, in the second Shark Alliance newsletter. 


Newsletter No.1: Introducing European Shark Week 
April 2007
Since its inception, European Shark Week has already made a number of outstanding contributions to improving European shark conservation policy. Find out what they are, why you should visit an aquarium near you this summer and other recent activities from our members in European Shark Week's first newsletter.

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