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European Shark Week 2009
10-18 October 2009 
Protect Our Sharks

People across Europe came together to call for stronger shark protection during the third European Shark Week.
European Shark Week events
During European Shark Week 2009 over 300 activities were held by supporters in 15 European countries - Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.  
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Petition: Final total over 93,000!

Over 93,000 people from around Europe have signed the Shark Alliance petition, of which 12,298 were online petitions! The petitions were presented to Mr. Polanco Mata's-the Director of the "Secretariat del Mar, at a meeting on Wednesday 27 January 2010, where the Shark Alliance urged Spain to end its opposition to improving the EU ban on finning - cutting off a shark's fins and discarding its body at sea – and lead the EU toward a more effective finning regulation.

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Representatives of the shark alliance present european shark week 2009 petitions to the spanish authorities
Representatives of the Shark Alliance present European Shark Week 2009 Petitions to the Spanish authorities.


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